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Friday, Apr 20, 2018

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Hampton Roads, America’s First Region

hreda_mapFirst and foremost, "America's First Region" is a branding statement. It tells the 1.6 million-plus residents of southeastern Virginia of their shared common history, forged in 1607 when English settlers landed on the Atlantic coast at Virginia Beach and less than three weeks later, settled at Jamestown. Today those two sites form the boundaries of the Hampton Roads region.

Building regional identity and cooperation, which leads to economic growth and improved quality of life, begins with recognition of this common heritage. That’s why the Hampton Roads Partnership, which represents 17 cities, counties and the town of Smithfield, encourages all public and private sector organizations to embrace the "America's First Region" branding statement and display it in as many ways and places as possible.
(Map courtesy of Living in Hampton Roads magazine)

Be part of the Hampton Roads’ regional citizenship campaign:

  • DISPLAY THE LOGO. From the online AFR TOOLKIT, you can download and display it on your organization’s website, brochures, newsletters, letterhead, business cards or other materials.

  • LIVE THE WORDS. Mention “America’s First Region” when describing where your organization is located, such as, “We have five offices throughout Hampton Roads, America’s First Region” or “Our company is headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia - Part of Hampton Roads, America’s First Region.” Also, put the words "Hampton Roads, America's First Region" in your e-mail signature.

  • BE CREATIVE. Think of your own ways to identify yourself or your organization as part of "Hampton Roads, America’s First Region" and share them with others. Examples:

    • Proud to Do Business in "Hampton Roads, America's First Region"
    • Isle of Wight County, A Great Community in "Hampton Roads, America's First Region"
    • American Theatre, Another Great Venue in "Hampton Roads, America's First Region"